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Sisters of Scota Womens Motorycle Club

The Sisters of Scota Women’s Motorcycle Club, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization was founded on the premise that we will do our best to bring together groups of people including motorcycle clubs, independent riders and supporters to raise funds for non-profit organizations that benefit women, children and animals with regard to health issues.

Beginning in 1979 with the Heart and Wings as our club logo, we were known as Leather and Lace Women's Motorcycle Club (WMC); With time and evolution in our world eventually led to a morph in colors to Fuschia and Silver in 1981 and a name change to Sisters of Scota in 2001. One of our original founding members and sole survivor of that era, eventually laid claim to the mystical energetic colors and patch sustaining our need for a mentor and principle leading-light of values such as our commitment, our ethics, our indomitable spirit and woman power; we maintain an affinity for Mother Earth and Goddess Spirit and, in our own way, hope to influence a lasting transformation for ourselves as we live to strive at self-actualization. We are blessed to have with us, still today, Dayna "Grumbles" Davidson-Sands, our living legend.

Most all of us strive to live and commit to something -- we just happened to choose our love of riding motorcycles to influence our choice in matters pertaining to commitment by becoming Sisters of Scota.

45the Anniversary Unity PIN.jpg
Seeking a Cure_edited.jpg

As SOSWMC celebrates 45 years of Sisterhood, the achievement of these Sisters who have paved the way for Women’s Motorcycle Clubs to flourish through bonds built on ground and love for their community.

We welcome all riders, from the beginning to the intermediate, as we encourage you to push the boundaries of your comfort zone. . You are cordially invited to ride with us and be inspired by the journey of Sisters. We hope you’ll find beauty in the sisterhood created by the open road. We are proud to always curate an uplifting and exciting experience in Celebration of Women Who Love The Ride! 

G & G 2011
MMA Toy Drive 2023
Yubs Sutter Toy Run 2023
MMA Toy Drive 2023-4
MMA Toy Drive 2023-5
Presindent Banshee and Prospect Angie 2024
Founder Grumbles and Prospect Kristin 2024
SOSWMC at Vituscans Chilli cook off#2
Spirit Rider
Prospect Kristin and Sister Whispers
Kristal Gramps Kristin
Prospect Kristin
Sisters Wren 2.2024
Founder Grumbles circa 1977


If you are interested in riding with Sisters of Scota Womens Motorcycle Club please fill out the form provided below for more information or DM on social media platforms. We are currently in California state, counties of Yuba, Sacramento and Sutter. Nevada state, county of Washoe, Arizona State, county of Yavapai and Idaho state.


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